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Webinar: Transform your business for regeneration and resilience

Updated: Apr 25

Poster of webinar on regenerative business by The C Collective

Following the launch of our regenerative design practice through our partnership with the Doughnut Economics Lab, we're excited to run our first webinars on this topic.

Step with us into the future of business!

Join us to shape a resilient business with a net positive impact on people and planet. We will explore together where to start and what to aim for!


  • Key concepts from sustainability to regeneration

  • What is a regenerative business

  • What it takes for leaders to embark on a regeneration journey

  • Interactive activity: regenerative assessment of your organisation

  • Practical ways to transform your organisation to make it regenerative including Doughnut Economics Lab toolkit.

  • Q & A


Florença Fantinel is our Regenerative design lead and a practitioner of Doughnut Economics Lab and Systems Change frameworks.

Tim Malnick is a coach and organisational psychologist who helps leaders put what really matters at the centre of life, work, organisations and society. He has run leadership development programmes focusing on sustainable leadership in leading business schools, and organisations.

Hosted by Marie Geneste, founder of The C Collective.

Watch the recording

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