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We partner with the Climate Fresk charity to achieve their goal to train millions of people on Climate Science.

Climate Fresk workshops

Climate Fresk is a charity that developed a serious game of 42 cards, based on UN reports (IPCC 6th assessment report).

Through a fun and collaborative 3-hour workshop, participants will:

  • LEARN > players create a mural mapping the causes and consequences of climate change with the cards.

  • GET CREATIVE > participants are invited to decorate and find a title to their mural.

  • DISCUSS SOLUTIONS > after debriefing on their emotions, participants have to come up with solutions to tackle climate change, based on what they learned.

Experienced facilitators lead participants through the process to foster an engaging, inclusive training and team building experience.

Workshop Format

  • The 3-hour workshop is available online and offline.

  • For groups from 4 people - our experienced facilitators can manage groups of up to 14 people in person.

  • We can bring in extra facilitators to deliver workshops for larger groups up to 100+.

  • Available in most languages and geographies through an international network of facilitators.


  • From: £1500 per workshop

Training of internal facilitators

  • We can also train your teams to facilitate workshops internally, once they have attended a classic workshop



Our clients

We have delivered workshops for Kering group, BNP Paribas, Bath University, Envopap, AXA, Continental, ADF, Universities and many more.


"Thank you for such an informative session! I learnt a lot about specific effects and causes of Climate Change, and feel more confident going into client meetings with a deeper knowledge of climate change impacts"

Annie Flint Smith, Envopap (Sustainable materials company)

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