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Golden Leaf

Creating a brand and digital presence for a new urban greening charity


User experience (UX)

User interface(UI)

Golden Leaf case study banner

The Challenge

Golden Leaf of London is a new charity on a mission to reconnect cities to nature through the creation of beautiful urban greening projects. The trustees needed to bring to life their vision  through a beautiful brand and build a digital presence to start engage supporters and fundraise.


We used our lean human-centered branding process to create an impactful and scalable brand. We focused on brand values and designed a brand that resonates with these. Our process involved working on mood boards and testing shortlisted creative routes before establishing the brand guide.

GoldenLeaf_logo design
GoldenLeaf- logo

Golden Leaf logo variation

User experience (UX)

We conducted research on fundraising and charities to understand best practices and apply them to build a simple, intuitive and visually appealing website.

Golden leaf website snippet

User interface (UI)

We applied photography driven brand guidelines to highlight the team's beautiful 3D renderings of urban greening projects and used colours that resonate with nature.

Golden Leaf website images

Social media and digital fundraising capabilities

We leveraged the power of social media (@goldenleaflondon) to spread the word to a wider audience. Integration with 'JustGiving' fundraising capabilities ensured a smooth donation process.

social media strategy for Golden Leaf
Integration with donation gateway

Golden Leaf on Social media

Integration with JustGiving


If you like what you see, get on a call with us and we'll make sure to bring your amazing idea to life

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