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User research & market research

It is vital to understand your target audience, competitors and the market which will help create better user experiences. We devise a tailor-made research process to suit your project in order to gather customer insights. We then analyse these insights and transform information into actionable data.


To do this, we employ quantitative and qualitative user research methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups and ethnography to name a few. 

UX designer researching about the project
Prototype Designer
Mobile application

User and usability testing

We help you prototype and test products and services to derisk your development process.

During usability tests, we ask typical users to perform tasks using a prototype while being observed and asked to share feedback.

This allows to assess various aspect of a website, product or feature:

  • Effectiveness. How well users can achieve their goals by using the product.

  • Efficiency. Level of effort required from users to achieve a certain task or goal.

  • Satisfaction. This refers to the user's thoughts and opinion on ease of use and benefits of the tested service.

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