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Research & strategy

User research & market research

It is vital to understand your target audience, competitors and the market which will help create better user experiences. We devise a tailor-made research process to suit your project in order to gather customer insights. We then analyse these insights and transform information into actionable data.


To do this, we employ quantitative and qualitative user research methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups and ethnography to name a few. 

UX designer researching about the project
Building the mission statement and value proposition

Mission statement & value proposition

We collaborate with your teams to capture the essence and the purpose of your organisation into clear mission and vision statements.

We work with you to understand your product, what sets it apart and how it benefits the consumer.  At The C Collective, we apply a user-centric approach to understand the users' pain points and help position your products in the market.

Marketing strategy

We believe customer experience is the new marketing.

That's why we help you create omni-channel marketing or user experience strategies with a user centered approach, grounded in factual user insight, inspiring stories which resonate with your audiences and frictionless user journeys which convert into sales.

Working on marketing strategy
market strategy and operations
mission & value proposition
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