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The C-Collective joins Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Updated: Feb 27

The C-Collective has joined the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) community. This means that we can use their framework and tools to help clients create regenerative business models.

Helping businesses become regenerative and distributive by design

Doughnut Economics is an economic mindset centered around regenerative and distributive dynamics that are fit for the intricate challenges of the 21st century. The workshop delves into five pivotal layers that profoundly influence an organization's ability to become regenerative and distributive by design, and so help bring humanity into the Doughnut: Purpose, Networks, Governance, Ownership, Finance.

Our objective is to expand the reach of our Design Thinking and Climate Awareness workshops, offering support to organizations seeking to transition from extractive to regenerative business models.

Through a continued journey of heightened climate awareness, we are dedicated to guiding organizations in translating their insights into impactful action. This tool stands as a remarkable means to facilitate profound transformation.

How the Doughnut Economics workshop works

Doughnut shaped planetary boundaries chart
Planetary boundaries

The half-day workshop led by an experienced facilitator starts by exploring how your business impacts the social foundation and ecological ceiling of the Doughnut. You will then identify transformative ideas for it to become regenerative and distributive in its core operations.

Furthermore, you’ll look at how the current design of your business blocks or enables you from fully pursuing such ambitions, before looking more deeply into new possibilities for its future design.

“The remarkable adaptability of this methodology across a spectrum of scenarios, spanning education, governance, urbanism, and business, is truly awe-inspiring. This framework holds the capacity to provide stakeholders with a wider perspective of the ecosystem surrounding them, hence the power to instigate action and foster constructive change. I am thrilled to guide our clients through this journey.” Florença Fantinel, Lead Product Designer and facilitator.

Check out our Public Declaration here:

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