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Design Thinking Innovation & Workshops

Need to quickly evolve your business model, address changing customers' needs or solve a specific problem?
We can help you by facilitating an online or in person innovation process for your organisation!

Design Thinking can help solve many challenges

The COVID crisis has brought unprecedented challenges to the way we work together but also an amazing opportunity to innovate and #buildbackbetter.


At the C Collective, this led us to rethink the way we work and put our design thinking skills to work in the crisis. That’s how we launched our COVID-19 online innovation challenge in April 2020 followed by our Women and Impact Investment Hackathon in March 2021.

We brought together purpose driven citizens, designers and entrepreneurs to help create solutions to some of the most pressing issues of the crisis faced by businesses, government and citizens.

Using the power of empathy, user-centred design and digital collaboration tools, we facilitated 4 online 8-hour workshops and produced 4 concept solutions.  

After successfully testing this online innovation approach and seeing the impressive engagement and creativity of participants, we added Online design thinking workshops to our portfolio of services to purpose driven organisations. 

What is included in a workshop?

- Workshop design, preparation and facilitation for groups of 4 to 16 people 

- User research to collect insight for the empathy phase  

- Solution prototyping support 

- User testing support  

- Workshop can be conducted in English, French, Italian or Portuguese 


Duration: 4-5 weeks

2 weeks preparation, 1 week of workshop (4x2h sessions) and 2 weeks for prototyping and testing. 


Benefits & outcomes of our workshops

- Create actionable solutions to your business challenges in a few weeks and help futureproof your organisation

- Involve your teams from different locations in a fun, engaging creative process 

- Train your teams to user centered design and design thinking methods

- Help your team think out of the box to identify new business opportunities in challenging times

Thanks to our experienced team of facilitators, tried and tested innovative tools, we have been amazed by the level of attendees' engagement and the quality of the outputs of previous workhops. 

Who can benefit from our workshops?

- CEOs and management teams of purpose-driven organisations/start-ups in need of quickly pivoting their business model and innovate.
- Strategy or innovation managers from larger businesses who need to engage remote teams in rapidly creating new products and services with a positive impact.

"I didn't know what to expect but this design thinking workshop enabled organic, original solutions to be designed for important real-world problems -- and all with compassionate and genuinely friendly facilitators! Mural is a great tool which helped the course be dynamic, fun and impressively productive. Huge thanks to the C Collective, I'll definitely be recommending their workshops"

Aidan Chisholm, Healthy Street Officer at Sustrans

Learn about our previous workshops

It's fascinating so see what a group of 5 people spending 8 hours on a series of online design thinking sessions can create!

COVID-19 innovation challenge


We run a series of workshops to put our design thinking skills to work in the crisis and bring together networks of purpose driven people to help generate solutions to some of the problems of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Women and Impact Investment Hackathon


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