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The community line

How might we create a safe space to maintain intimacy and connection with isolated elderly people?

Target users

Elderly and vulnerable individuals who need to self isolate to protect themselves.

Key insight

  • Elderly people already have a strong feeling of isolation from the rest of society, which is exacerbated now that they can't rely on their usual social interactions.

  • Though some elderly people can be tech savvy and use smartphones daily, they don't consider social media and digital interaction as a satisfying form of communication since they feel it's impersonal and lacks intimacy.

Solution: The community line

A grass-root one-to-one communication network

  • The community line is like popping in your local coffee shop or corner shop and having a chat.

  • Volunteers would provide remote social interaction with people who feel isolated in their own community/neighborhood. Volunteers would be trained and provided with empathy tools and a positive reframing framework to maximise uplifting thoughts for both their interlocutor and for themselves.

  • The system would leverage existing networks to recruit volunteers and users while maximising physical awareness to reach people in need in period of crisis -e.g. leaflet through letterbox or at pharmacy.

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