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Webinar - How to create a powerful impact brand - 05/10/21

Updated: Apr 11

Register on our Eventbrite page to join our next webinar - 05/10/21


Join our webinar to understand the art and science of efficient brand design through the tried and tested user-centred design process created by the C Collective.


  • Identify your brand values and archetypes

  • Discover the science and process behind the design of a purposeful brand

  • Case studies

  • Costs and timings

  • Do’s & Don’ts

  • Q&A


Marie Geneste, CEO, The C Collective

Fiona Hamilton, Brand consultant, The C Collective

Upcoming events

We hold regular events, from hackathons to trainings on the topics of user experience design. Keep a look out on our Eventbrite page for future webinars.

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