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Introduction to impact finance for women course

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

On 12/03/21, in the run up to our Women and Impact investment Hackathon, we invited all participants to learn more about personal finance and impact investment. We wanted to offer all women an opportunity to better understand how to gain financial independence and discover how to invest with a positive social and environmental impact.

Finance for women course contents

  • Basic financial planning, budgeting, how to set aside cash for investing and saving

  • Types of investments available

  • Basics of investment and impact investment

  • How and why you may need to seek financial advice

  • Where can you go if you want to invest for impact...


  • Olivia Bowen, Partner & Chartered Financial Planner at Castlefield, The Thoughtful Investor

  • Rebecca O'Connor, Head of Pensions at interactive investor and co-founder of Good with money

  • Marie Geneste, Founder at The C Collective.

Video Recording


How and where can I buy stocks if I am interested in a company?

There are various trading sites – and indeed comparison sites where you can assess which would be best for you. E.g.

Be careful that you buy the correct company – there was a small Chinese company called Zoom whose shares people have been buying in error! You can read about it here:

Can I lose money on premium bonds?


Would you advise investing in a self employed tax pot considering it gets emptied once a year when self assessment needs to be paid?

Just hold this in cash on deposit – don’t invest in something where the value will fluctuate.

What is your advise on investing ethically for someone that has just moved back to the UK-where to start?

Good with Money

Find an ethical bank / building society, then set up savings/ pension and any relevant protection policies.

As a beginner investor is an app a good place for me to start?


How can I hire an advisor and is the service affordable?

It really depends on what advice you need. Each firm will have its own fee structure.

If you are starting out, might be best to grow some funds initially to get going. But you could get an adviser to help on a one-off basis to make sure you have sufficient protection (life and income) for example.

Have a look on UKSIF (Financial advisers previously had a separate website Ethical Investment Association)

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