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How to become a Regenerative Business? London Climate Action Week - 27th June 24

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Are you a business leader or intrapreneur trying to address the impact of your business on people and planet while creating long-term resilience?

As part of London Climate Action Week, we're thrilled to organise a panel discussion and workshop on Regenerative Business practices and the inner journey of change makers. This in-person event is aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs keen to start a journey to future-proof their business and create net positive impact.

Get inspired and explore practical tools that can support you on this journey:



18:00 – 18:30 > Panel discussion to introduce concepts

  • What is a Regenerative Business? The Doughnut Economics perspective.

  • Using Three Horizons as a framework to navigate change.

  • The Inner development journey of business leaders

18:30 – 19:10 > Workshop & discussion by group led by speakers, on the topic: Where are you on your journey to Regeneration? How to become a future-proof and resilient business?

Participants chose one of the following activities;

  • Where are you on your inner change journey as a leader? Facilitated by Servane.

  • Mapping impact & risk using the Doughnut Economics Lab Framework. Quick doughnut mapping of your business impact. Group sharing and discussion on ways to transition and address pain points. Facilitated by Florença and Marie

  • Three Horizons perspective using the systemic framework to identify the paths to a desired change (H3). Facilitated by Martin and Liv.

19:10 -19:30 > Summary of insights from each table.

19:30 -21:00 > Drinks and networking


Learn and Engage: Gain insights into Inner Development, Doughnut Economics, and the 3 Horizons framework from experienced speakers.

Discover actionable tools: Participate in hands-on activities and discussions to explore your journey towards becoming a Regenerative Business.

Network: Connect with like-minded business leaders, design, coaching, and sustainability practitioners while enjoying drinks and nibbles.


Florença Fantinel is a senior product desiger and the C Collective Regenerative design lead. She's a practitioner of Doughnut Economics Lab and Systems Change frameworks.

Martin Koehring is a global ocean, climate and sustainability expert. His most recent roles include Global Director of Impact at the international sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future, Board Member at the New Economics Foundation (a think tank focusing on social, economic and environmental justice), Head of the World Ocean Initiative and Practice Lead (EMEA) for Sustainability, Climate Change and Natural Resources at Economist Impact (part of The Economist Group). 

Olivia (Liv) Sibony  is an award-winning entrepreneur and ethical investment champion. She co-founded Impact Amplified, where she works with industry experts, entrepreneurs and academics. Her mission is to empower individuals within business to affect change through the lens of their work, cutting through the noise of sustainability, so that each person can be a catalyst for change without the need to switch careers.

Servane Mouazan is an ecosystem builder and Thinking Partner for people who love to invest in social and environmental change. During the past 23 years, she has supported thousands of leaders across global social venturing, movement building, gender-based programming, social inclusion and social investing action. She developed the first UK incubator for women-led Social Enterprises and led one of the first 50 founding B-corps in the UK. Her awareness-driven approach combines deep listening, foresight techniques, rigour, elegance and imagination.

Hosted by Marie Geneste, founder of The C Collective. Expert in Design and Marketing of regenerative solutions as well as Climate and Biodiversity activist and educator.

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