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15 Customer Experience tips for sustainable businesses

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

2019 European research found that 68% of UK citizens say it’s VERY important to them to protect the environment. Great stuff. Now let’s look at the market share of Organic products in the food and drinks market in the UK in 2019; 1.6% (source: Soil Association).

Yes, there’s no typo there and I have lots of other depressing stats showing this “attitude - behaviour gap” in sustainable consumption.

Attitudes of UK Citizens towards the environment - Eurobarometer March 2020
Attitudes of UK Citizens towards the environment - Eurobarometer March 2020

There are several factors explaining this gap but the one I am most interested in is the inferior Customer Experience of many sustainable products and services. That’s why I love my job. I help businesses bridge this sustainable consumption “attitude - behaviour gap” by implementing the outstanding Customer Experiences their target users expect.

This year I had the pleasure to share my humble experience with impact entrepreneurs through a series of Customer Experience Masterclasses. After hosting this Masterclass for 15+ great start-ups from the likes of Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator or Ashden Awards Winners, I thought I would share top tips that many businesses could benefit from.

This top 15 list has actually been "user generated" by our very own trainees as it is an aggregation of the most useful take-aways we get them to write down at the end of each masterclass.

So here’s the list and feel free to ping us if you want to know more.

TOP 15 Customer Experience tips for sustainable businesses

  1. Customer Experience is all about creating EMOTIONS when connecting with users

  2. USER PERSONAS are a great tool to share user insight across all teams, foster a customer-centric culture and let everyone put themselves in the shoes of the user. They can be done for different types of stakeholders including prospects, clients, employees, influencers or investors.

  3. Use visual tools to map the customer experience, share it within the business so as to collaboratively find opportunities and solve problems.

  4. Delighted customers will generate increased revenue.

  5. Focus on your existing clients to get referrals, upsell / cross-sell before going on the hunt for new clients.

  6. Customer Experience is key to build your brand.

  7. Ensure content and messaging have been carefully thought through. Keep them clear and simple when new target users hear about your brand for the first time.

  8. Use quotes/ references from existing clients to help convert opportunities.

  9. Be mindful of the tone of sustainability messaging, avoid fear/guilt as it often backfires.

  10. Gamification and nudges can be super effective tools to change behaviours.

  11. Face to face interactions with a company’s employees are an important channel/touchpoint to leverage.

  12. It’s really important to make direct contact with customer during the onboarding phase to make sure everything is ok and troubleshoot any issue asap.

  13. Collecting customer feedback is key especially when they are leaving. Have a process to pro-actively call them to understand why they left.

  14. Identify barriers/frictions in the user journey and how to tackle them

  15. Making great User Experience happen requires efficient internal processes and systems.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us about our User Experiences trainings and consultancy services.

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