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Designing an environmental impact calculator for footwear



User experience (UX)

User interface(UI)


Final design of the environmental impact calculator

The Challenge

Assessing the environmental impact of footwear is complex, particularly leather footwear. This is true for consumers, product managers and designers.

In 2022, The C Collective partnered with PRé  and Eurofins to craft a brand new tool to allow product teams to assess the environmental impact of their products throughout its lifecycle.


Together we ran an iterative, insight-driven design initiative to resolve the common pain point: I don't know the environmental impact of my product.


We built interactive low fidelity Figma prototypes to run our user testing, focussing on the journey and the experience, rather than the aesthetics and UI.

MacBook Pro 16_ - 6.png
MacBook Pro 16_ - 3.png
MacBook Pro 16_ - 4.png

Prototyping end-to-end experience

High-fidelity design

We finalised our concepts, journeys and experience design and wrapped them with a eurofins.-inspired theme, aligned to their brand.

D02.07.01 Usage.png
D02.03.01 Shoe type - default.png
D02.04.01 Shoe composition - Upper.png

High-fidelity designs


We are supporting the footwear industry to massively reduce their environmental impact. Since its launch, the Footwear environmental impact tool has received very positive feedback from users and customers alike. 

"After the launch of the Footwear Impact Calculator, we received tremendous feedback for the tool. Brands and suppliers are keen to use it to identify areas of improvement and estimate specific impacts such as the carbon footprint of each style of footwear, whilst avoiding making any specific ‘green claims’."

-- Andrew Hudson, Managing Director at Eurofins BLC


If you like what you see, get on a call with us and we'll make sure to bring your amazing idea to life

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