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Limited pro bono offer - invitation only

Apply to join our pilot Regenerative Business Design workshop

Diagnose the impact of your business within the social and ecological planetary boundaries, identify risks and potential for change, and create a redesign strategy.

Format: Corporate workshop using the Doughnut Economics Action Lab framework.

4-hour workshop

Regenerative Diagnosis & Strategy


1. Rapid Doughnut mapping

Explore impacts and dependencies of the system through the Doughnut.

2. Regenerative & distributive ambitions

Co-create ambitious and transformative ideas to make your business regenerative and distributive.

3. Know your business design

Analyse how your current business design is blocking or enabling this transformation.

4. Redesign your business

Identify entry points to enable change.

Apply for a pro-bono workshop

Thanks for submitting! We'll come back to you soon.

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