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My local shops

How might we transform small businesses in a way that will also work after the crisis?

Image by Brooke Lark

Target users

Owners of small businesses and shops with a traditional brick and mortar business model, having to close down during the COVID lock down

Key insight

  • Business owners need to dramatically adapt to abrupt changes in buying behaviours that are likely to last, even beyond the crisi

  • Find other ways to survive than the gov support, incl changing their business model 

  • A great opportunity to leverage solidarity from other businesses and citizens

Solution: My Local Shops

An online marketplace where the community can support and buy from their local businesses

  • With MyLocal Shops, shoppers can buy goods and services from their high street businesses, which get delivered in an eco-friendly way - cargo bikes and reusable boxes + click and collect.

  • Business owners can benefit from the scheme in a simple, quick and affordable way through a common and mutualised infrastructure: 

  • Easy to use E-commerce capability through a leading e-shop builder

  • Marketing, communication and customer services

  • Click and collect + delivery solution

  • A community funded solution: 

  • Crowdfunded by the community of citizens and business owners 

  • Citizens can buy vouchers for supporting businesses

Storyboard - My Local Shops.png

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