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Covid diaries

How might we empower less engaged citizens to reflect and express their vision for a post COVID society that works for them?

Target users

Citizens who are social distancing themselves at home and are currently not involved in community organizations or any other form of activism.

Key insight

  • Due to an increased feeling of isolation, people are looking for ways to connect with others. We have observed that more people are engaging in community activities.

  • Imposed isolation creates an opportunity for less engaged citizens to reflect on their reality, needs and desires. If given a platform to express their views in an easy and convenient way, this could lead to increased engagement from previously passive citizens, especially if they are given a guarantee that their views will be  considered by a local government authority.

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Solution: Covid diaries

a digital collection of weekly residents’ insights shared through a secure social media channel that is co-managed by a local community organisation and the council.

  • By bringing together existing community groups and local government, we can better engage citizens by asking them to write Covid diaries and share their stories, feelings and views on things that are important to them. These form a larger forum of information and ideas, which are aggregated and reviewed during joint sessions involving the community and local council. 

  • Covid diaries allow less engaged citizens to share how they feel and what is important to them in a few clicks. 

  • Citizens can decide how much they want to get involved; just share a weekly quote or join a community consultation to build on their neighbours’ ideas.

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