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Designing an environmental impact calculator for clothes - bAwear Score



User experience (UX)

User interface(UI)


Final design of the textile environmental impact calculator

The Challenge

Assessing the environmental impact of clothing products is complex; not just for consumers but for product managers and designers alike. If only there were a product to help.

In 2023, The C Collective partnered with PRé  and bAwear to design the bAwear Score, a new LCA tool (life cycle assessment tool) powered by Simapro, allowing product teams to assess the environmental impact of their textile garments throughout their lifecycle.


Together we ran an iterative, insight-driven design initiative to resolve the common pain point: I don't know the environmental impact of my textile products.

High-fidelity design

We finalised our concepts, journeys and experience design and wrapped them with a bAwear-inspired theme, aligned to their brand.

D02.02.02 Product - Category [ICONS NEEDED].png
D02.06.02 Locations - Map.png
D02.08.02 Use-phase - Maintained.png

High-fidelity designs


We are supporting the clothing industry to take informed action to massively reduce their environmental impact. The community has been enthusiastically engaged throughout the design process and since its launch, the tool has received very positive feedback.

  • Fact-based footprint information: bAwear Score provides sustainability insights based on robust life cycle assessment methodology and reliable LCA software that has over 30 years of expertise in environmental metrics.

  • Accessible, easy-to-use tool: With its low costs and easy use, the YourQuestion app is the perfect tool to get started. The app speaks for itself, and as the need for sustainability insights grows, users can move on to YourScenario.

  • Cost-effective, reliable solution: bAwear Score is more cost-effective than a traditional LCA study, without undermining the reliability of the results. The SimaPro API connects bAwear Score to the SimaPro calculation engine and ensures robust, trustworthy results.

"The first responses have been very positive, as the market is in high need of solutions. Industry organizations such as Creamoda in Belgium and Modint in the Netherlands have endorsed bAwear Score with many other interested partners and clients getting to know our services and how it helps their businesses."

-- Michel Walstock, Co-Founder/Director at bAwear Score


If you like what you see, get on a call with us and we'll make sure to bring your amazing idea to life

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